1st 6 Weeks Week1

Numbers Given:3,2,1

Number Sentence:3 X 2 +1=

Word Problem:

Mrs.Cook has three weekly assignment passes. John has twice as many more weekly assingment passes than Mrs.Cook.

Mrs.Glenn only has one weekly assignment pass. How many weekly assignment passes do John and Mrs.Glenn have altogether?

1st 6 Weeks Week 2

Numbers Given:5,9,6

Number Sentence:9+5X6=

Word Problem:

Kiara had nine candy bags for the pep rally. Daisy gave kiara five mor bags of candy.

Bailey had six times as many bags of candy than Kiara did. How many bags of candy does Bailey have?

1st 6 Weeks Week 3

Numbers Given:4,7,4

Number Sentence:4X4X7

Word Problem:

Trenton has four knee pads. Jace gave him four times as many knee pads as he had before.

Colton has seven times as many knee pads as trenton has know. How many knee pads does colton have?

1st 6 Weeks Week 4

Numbers Given:1,9,8

Number Sentence:9-8+1

Word Problem:

Sean has nine belts he gave eight belts away to his friends. One of his friends gave him back a belt.

How many belts does sean have know?

1st 6 Weeks Week 5

Numbers Given:7,5,2

Number Sentence:7-5X2

Word Problem:

Mrs.Becky has seven cupcakes. She sold five cupcakes to her neighbors.

Mr.Mark has twice as many cupcakes as Mrs.Becky.

How many cupcakes does Mr.Mark have?

1st 6 Weeks Week 6

Numbers Given:6,3,8

Number Sentence:6/3X8

Word Problem:

Ashlea has six puppies. There is three homes that want the puppies.

How many puppies will go to each home?

One of the homes neighbors has eight times as many puppies of that home.

How many puppies does the neighbor have?

2nd 6 Weeks Week 1

Numbers Given:5,-4,9

Number Sentence5- -4 +9

Word Problem:

Sarah had 5 puppies she gave 4 puppies away. Then she bought 9 puppies.

How many puppies she have know?

2nd 6 Weeks Week 2

Numbers Given:-3, 7, 2

Number Sentence:7+2- -3

Word Problem:

Mrs.Cook had 7 apples. Kiara gave her 2 apples. Mrs.Cook gave jace 3 apples.

How many apples does Mrs.Cook have now.

2nd 6 Weeks Week 3

Numbers Given:15,-6,-6

Number Sentence:15 - -6 - -6

Word Problem:

Trenton had 15 pieces of candy. He gave 6 pieces of candy to his nanna.

Then his sister took 6 pieces of candy.

How many pieces of candy does he have now?

2nd 6 Weeks Week 4

Numbers Given:10, -8, 4

Number Sentence:10 - -8 +4

Word Problem:

The Temprature outside was 10 degrees farenheit. It dropped 8 degrees at midnight.

In the morning it was 4 degrees more than the day before. What is the temrature now?

2nd 6 Weeks Week 5

Numbers Given:-7,0,12

Number Sentence:12 + -7 + 0

Word Problem:

The Football team scored two touchdowns to get a total of 12 points.

One of the touchdowns got called back to have a total of 5 points.

They scored another touchdown, but it got called back too.

How many points did the football team score?

3rd 6 Weeks Week 1

Numbers Given:5,2,3

Number Sentence:-5+2+3

Word Problem:

Andrew gave away 5 puppies then he was given 2 more puppies.

Then his bestfriend gave him 3 more puppies.

How many puppies does he have now?

3rd 6 Weeks Week 2

Numbers Given:10,2,3

Number Sentence:10+2-3

Word Problem:

Stacy had 10 candybars And she bought 2 more.

Then she gave her bestfriend 3 candybars.

How many candybars does she have now?

3rd 6 Weeks Week 3

Numbers Given:3,3,5 Number Sentence:+3-3+5

Hayden was given 3 colors. He gave away all of his colors,

and his friend gave him 5 more.

How many colors does he have now?

3rd 6 Weeks Week 4

Numbers Given:-4,5,2

Number Sentence: 5-4+2

Word Problem:

The tempature at noon was 5 degrees.

Then the temprature dropped 4 degrees.

Then it incresed by 2 degrees.

What is the tmprature now?

3rd 6 Weeks Week 5

Numbers Given:-7,-3,12

Number Sentence:12-7-3

Word Problem:

Daisy had 12 dollars ahe spent 7 dollars on a bracelet.

Then she spent another 3 dollars on a Christmas card for her bestfriend.

How much money does she have left?