numbers given 3,2,1
Kiara had 3 rabbits.She decided she wanted more,she went to the pet store and bought 2 more rabbits.Sadly, Kiara woke up and realized one of her rabbits was gone.How many rabbits does Kiara have now?

numbers given 5,9,6
Judy had 9 cows.She bought 5 horses and 6 pigs.How many animals does she have ?

numbers given 4,4,7
There were 4 ducks in the pond, then 4 more ducks flew in. The pond was getting crowded so 7 of the ducks flew away. How many ducks are left in the pond?

numbers given 1,8,9
There were 9 mushrooms.The mushrooms multiplied by 8.One mushroom disapeared. How many mushrooms are left?

numbers given 2,5,7
Jack and Jill just got married.They wanted to buy some cats,so they went to the pet store an bought 5 cats.They decided that 5 cats was to many,so they gave 2 away.One of the cats they kept had 7 cats. How many cats do they have now?

numbers given 3,6,8
There were 6 mice and they wanted to find some cheese,so they divided them selves to have an even amount of mice in each group.They needed more mice so they let 8 mice come and help (the 8 mice weren't divided into the groups). How many mice are now looking for cheese?

numbers given:5,-4,9
number sentence:-4x9-5
I started on the ground. I walked down four flights of stairs to the basement.when i was done down there I walked back up nine staircases.I ended up walking back down 5 more flights of stairs. What floor did i end up on?

numbers given:-3,7,2
number sentence:-3+7+2
I walked down 3 flights of stairs to the basement. I walked back up 7 flights, then 2 more. What floor did i finish at ?

numbers given:15,-6,-6
number sentence:-6+15-(-6)
I walked down 6 flights of stairs down to the basement.Then I rode the elevator back up 15 flights. After that I walked back down 6 more. what floor am I on now?

numbers given:10,-8,4
number sentence:-8+10-4
I walked down the stairs to the basement 8 flights of stairs. Then I walked back up 10 more flights. After that i went back down 4 flights of stairs. What floor am I on now ?

numbers given:-7,0,12
number sentence:-7+12-0
I walked down 7 flights of stairs to the basement.I walked up 12 more flights.Then i didn't walk down any more.What floor am I on now ?

numbers given:5,2,3
number sentence:3-2+5
The girl had 3 pieces of candy. She gave 2 pieces to her siblings.Then she bought 5 more pieces. How many pieces of candy does the girl have now?

numbers given:10,2,3
number sentence:10-3-2
The boy had10 fossils. He donated 3 of the rocks to a museum.Then he sold 2 of them. How many fossils does the boy own now?

numbers given:3,3,5
number sentence:3-5+3
John had $3. He wanted to buy a card that was $5, so he took out a loan of $2 to help pay for the card. Then he got paid 3 more dollars. How much money does he have now?

numbers given:-4,5,2
number sentence:-4+5+2
He was bankrupt at $-4. Then he found five dollars on the ground. Then he found two more dollars in the couch. How much money does he have now?

numbers given:-7,-3,12
number sentence:-7+12-(-3)
She started in the elevator under ground on the 7 floor. Then she went up 12 floors.After that she noticed she skipped her place, and went back down 3 floors. What floor is she on now?