AssignmentsWorked on and Turned in during Math Lab4th 6 Weeks

All Assignments are due on the day indicated. I will give you an assignment packet the Friday before the weekly assignment is due. The packet is due by Thursday. You have all week to work on the packet. Bring it with you every day because you might have some time to work on the packet in class. Assignments are graded! Complete assignments must contain: the questions, good work, justifications, answers boxed, completed on notebook paper, and the answers written on the answer sheet. If you have questions or need help, come and see me! Assignments are due in the box on the day it is due. Failing to turn in the assignment will result in a lunch detention in my room. The assignment will be completed during the detention. Turn your work in when it is due! As long as you turn it into the box before the end of the due date, I will accept the assignment with no penalty to you. Homework passes cannot be used for Assignments.

All Assignments earning a grade less than 70 MUST be corrected on the IMTQB form! If you need help, come see me BEFORE it is due. I am happy to help!

Although they say 2015, these are the assignments for the current 2016 year.

Week #17 Assignment Due: January 8

Week #18 Assignment Due: January 14

Week #19 Assignment Due:January 21

Week #20 Assignment Due: January 28

Week #21 Assignment Due: February 4

Week #22 Assignment Due: February 11

Week #23 Assignment Due: February 18