First week of the first six weeks.
Numbers given:3,2,1
Number sentence:3x2+1
Word Problem: Ashlea worked three hours on two days and one hour on one day. How many hours did she work in all?

Second week of the first six weeks.
Numbers given:5,9,6
Number sentence:5+9-6
Word problem: Bob had 5 cats. He went to the pet store and got 9 more cats. Then he gave his brother 6 of them. How many does he have now?

Third week of the first six weeks.
Numbers given:4,7,4
Number sentence:7-4-4
Word problem: Daisy had 4 dogs. Those 4 dogs ran away. She then found 7 more. How many does she have now?

Fourth week of the first six weeks.
Numbers given:1,9,8
Number sentence:1x9+8
Word problem: Morgan was on a plane 1 hour each for 9 days. She then rode the plane 8 hours 1 day. What is the total number of hours Morgan was on the plane.

Fifth week of the first six weeks.
Numbers given:7,5,2
Number sentance:7-2+5
Word problem: Cameron had 7 quarts of paint, he used up 2 quarts. Then added 5 more quarts to that. How many quarts of paint does he have?

Sixth week of the first six weeks.
Numbers given:6,3,8
Number sentence:8+3-6
Word problem: Kiara had 8 cups of flour. She got 3 more cups, then used 6 of those cups. How much flour does she have?

Numbers Given:5,-4,9
Number Sentance:5-4+9
Word Problem: Jace had 5 granola bars, he gave 4 to his brother. Then his mom went to the store and got him 9 more. What is the total amount of granoola bars that he has?

Numbers given:-3,7,2
Number Sentance:7-3+2
Word Problem: Destyn had 7 carrots he gave 3 to his buddy Andrew. Then Andrew gave 2 of the 3 back to him. How many carrots does he have?

Numbers given:15,-6,-6
Number Sentance:15-6-6
Word Problem: Laura had 15 lemons, she gave 6 to Marissa, and then her mom needed 6 more. How many does she have now?

Numbers given:10,-8,4
Number sentance:4+10-8
Word Problem: Jack had 4 trees in his yard, he got 10 more. Then 8 of them died, how many do they have?

Numbers given:-7,0,12
Number sentance:12-7=0
Word Problem: Jud had 12 dogs, 7 of them ran away. How many does he have now?

Number sentance: 5-2+3
Word Problem: I had 5 apples then ate 2. My sister gave me 3 more, how many do i have now?

Number sentance:10/2-3
Word problem:Jace has 10 hippos, Cameron has half as many as Jace has. Morgan has 3 less than Cameron. How many hippos does Morgan have?

Number sentance: 3(3)+5
Word Problem: Daisy has 3 alligators, Andrew has 3 times as many as Daisy does. Kiara hasd 5 more than Andrew, how many alligators does Kiara have?

Number Sentance:-4(5)/2
Word Problem:Dougs started with 0 points. Then his score was deducted by 4 points.He got 5 times the amount he had while playing the game. His friend had half of what he had. How much does his friend have?

Number sentance: -7+-3+12
Word Problem: Marie was $7 in debt, her friend Bob was $3 in debt. There other friend Jon had $12. How much money do the three friends have in all?

Sentence: 8-2+4
Word Problem: Daisy had 6 roses, Shyanne took 2. Then Blake gave her 4 more. How many does she have?

Sentence: 14/2-5
Word Problem: I had 14 dogs, i wanted to give half of them to Daisy. Five of my dogs died. How many dogs do i have?

Sentance: 2(4)+10
Word problem: Robert had 2 sets of 4 cats. He got 10 more cats from Daisy. How many total cats does he have?

Word Problem: Jace had 9 pieces of pizza, Cameron gave him 4 more pieces. He gave half of the peices to his mom. How many pizzas does his mom have?

Word Problem: It was -6 degrees outside, it subtracted by 1 degrees.It then bumped up by 15 degrees. What degrees is it outside now?

Word Problem: I had $3 in my bank account, the Jace had $4 less then me. Cameron had 5 times as mush as Jace did. How much does Cameron have in his account?