How Would You Solve It?

Evaluate the problem.
Analyze a way you could solve the problem.
Open the discussion tab and find the discussion for the problem that you owe, and type how you would solve the problem and include the answer. Do NOT start a new discussion. Post your answer as a REPLY to the discussion I have posted.
The only thing I am looking at is your justification that you are typing, so make sure it is clear and specific. I should be able to clearly understand how to solve the problem after reading your response.
Be creative with all the ways you could solve the problem.
After the two week deadline, I will pick a few entries (that use different methods) for the class to analyze.
We will analyze the following things (during class):
1. Identify the similarities and differences of the methods used.
2. Determine reasonable solutions.

IMPORTANT: Your reply should not resemble anyone else's reply. You are all unique people with your own thoughts. Copying and rewording what someone else has already posted will result in your reply being deleted, and you will be required to do it again with a 30 point penalty.

First Six Weeks
Problem 1: due by 9/5/13

Problem 2: due by 9/19/13

Problem 3: due by 10/3/13

Second Six Weeks
Problem 4: due by 10/18/13

Problem 5: due by 11/1/13

Third Six Weeks
Problem 6: due by 11/15/13

Fifth Six Weeks
Problem 8: due by 2/28/14
Problem 9: due by 3/21/14
Problem #10: due by 4/4/14