Math Bucks
Students earn math bucks for a variety of reasons:
  • A's on Tests
  • Great Effort given on Assignments/Tests
  • Improvement
  • Doing Something Great
Math bucks can be used to purchase different items from the math store:
  • Snack Coupon $2
  • Drink Coupon $2
  • Homework Pass $3
  • 10 points added to an Assignment grade $5
  • 5 points added to a Test grade $8
  • Other trinkets and treasures $various prices
In order to use the math bucks, students must create a checking account. They make deposits of math bucks, and they are required to write a check to purchase any item. An 8% tax rate must also be paid on any purchases. Periodically, the store will have a sale, so a discount must also be calculated.

Assignment Pass
Assignment Passes can be earned for making an A on a benchmark. The benchmarks are difficult tests, so it is not easy to make an A. We strive for excellence on every test. As a reward for their hard work, they have the option of not having to do any weekly assignment of their choice.

Assignment passes may also be given out periodically for great effort.

An Omit 10 pass can be earned by making 80 - 89 on a benchmark.

Each week that the Assignment and POTW are turned in by Friday, the students will earn a star sticker on the the star char and get to spin the prize wheel. Once 5 stars are on the star chart, they will earn a big star to hang in the hall. Stars can also be earned on the star chart for great effort, participation, helping others, and various other reasons.

Big stars are also earned for A's on Tests and Benchmarks, and B's on Benchmarks. Any time a big star is earned, the student's name will go in a drawing to be held at the end of each 6 weeks.

Incentive Party
Each 6 weeks, the math department hosts an incentive party. The party is funded by money raised by the GMS math department. In order to earn admittance to the party, students must:
  • Turn in ALL assigned work: All late work must be turned in by the extended date
  • Give 100% effort in class
  • Give 100% effort on the benchmark