Entering the Classroom
1. Line up on the wall outside of Mrs. Cook’s door.
2. Wait until everyone from the previous class has left the classroom.
3. Walk quietly to your seat.
4. Get your materials out, and begin working the bell ringer.
5. If you don’t have your materials, sign your name in the book.
6. If you are tardy, sign your name in the book.

Leaving the Classroom
1. Stay seated until Mrs. Cook dismisses you.
2. Make sure the desks are in order.
3. Pick up all trash off the floor.
4. Get all of your belongings.
5. Once dismissed, quietly exit the room.

Turning in Homework
1. Have your homework in your hand.
2. As you enter the room, show Mrs. Cook your work.
3. Take your work to your seat.
4. If you don’t have your work (or it is not complete), sign your name in the book.

Turning in Daily Work (when asked to turn in)
1. Make sure your name is on your work.
2. Turn your work into the basket labeled with your class period.

Turning in Assignments and POTW's
1. Make sure your name is on your work.
2. Staple all pages to the Assignments together.
3. Turn your work into the basket labeled with your class period.
4. Both items are due by Friday of each week (you have until the end of the day).
5. If you don't turn them in Friday, they are due Monday with a penalty of 10 points off.
6. For all work not turned in by Monday, you will be issued a lunch detention. You will serve the lunch detention until I have the missing work.

Getting Work when Absent
1. Look at the Objectives/Classwork section on the chalkboard.
2. Look in your class period’s folder for missing sheets (if any).

Turning in Work when Absent
1. In the top right-hand corner on your work, put the date you were absent.
2. The day you return from being absent, turn in any work in the basket labeled “Absent Work.”
3. For each day you are absent, you will have 1 day to turn in your make-up work.
4. Any assignments handed out prior to your absence are due on the given date.

Heading your Paper
1. In the top left-hand corner, write your first and last name.
2. Under your name, write the class name and period number.
3. Across from your name, write the date of the assignment.
4. If you were absent, write the date you were absent in the top right-hand corner.

Working Problems
1. Work ALL assignments on notebook paper (unless told otherwise).
2. Circle the problem numbers.
3. Box your answers.
4. Work problems down the page.
5. Show ALL of your work.

Before Class
1. Get your pencil box, have pencils sharpened and materials out.
2. Get your homework checked off.
3. Turn in any work.
4. Begin working the bell ringer.

During Class
1. Raise your hand to ask questions or for permission to get up.
2. Keep inside voices.
3. Respect EVERYONE in the classroom.
4. Be willing to try.
5. Take good, helpful notes.
6. Always participate.
7. Use your time wisely and work diligently.

After finishing work
1. Work on Accelerated Math.
2. Work on the weekly Assignment.
3. Stay quiet and seated.

Homework Passes
1. The pass can only be used on daily work started in class.
2. You must turn in the work you have done with the pass.
3. Failure to work on the work in class will void the pass.
4. You can only use 2 homework passes during a six weeks grading period.

Buying from the Store
1. You must completely fill out the order form.
2. The calculation for tax and discounts must be on the order form.
3. I will approve the order form.
4. After order form approval, you need to fill a check.
5. Give me the order form and check.
6. After full approval, I will get your items.

Math Bucks
1. You can earn math bucks for a variety of reasons.
2. In order to buy from the store, you must have math bucks deposited.

Checking Account
1. Anytime you deposit a math buck, your account balance is increased.
a. To make a deposit, fill out a deposit slip.
b. Give Mrs. Cook the deposit slip and math bucks.
2. When you make a purchase from the store, your account balance is decreased.
3. You need to keep up with your balance.
4. The cost for a balance reminder is $1.
5. The cost for writing an insufficient check is $2.