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Projects are an exciting way to learn math. Use your time wisely and be ready with your project by the due date!

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Advanced Math
Received: January 18
Due: February 8

Work in teams of 4. MUST BE EXACTLY 4 MEMBERS!
DUE: February 8, 2016

Go here for links to the complete rules.If you use music or video clips, they must be your original works (due to copyright issues).

Here is the playbook. I will allow you to choose ANY problem from the playbook. Remember, you want to be able to create a video to show how you can apply and solve this problem in a real life situation.

Past winning videos:
Create a video in which you use a real-life example to teach the problem.
The video cannot be over 5 minutes.

You can submit your video in a national contest. This is not required, but you could win a trip and a scholarship!
If you participate in the contest, you cannot use music or video that will infringe on someone else's personal property. This will violate the copyright laws.
All music and video must be of your own creation.
Click here to see the official rules.