Standards for Success
1. Respond with respect: Yes and no need to be followed with ma’am/sir, please/thank you. “Yeah” is never acceptable
2. Make eye contact
3. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough and say excuse me
4. Do not show disrespect with gestures (smack lips, tsk, roll your eyes, etc)
5. When grading other students’ papers, give only the correct grade. The points will be deducted from your grade. Only mark X’s on the paper.
6. Answer all written questions with a complete sentence
7. You must complete your homework daily
8. Transitions will be swift, quiet, and orderly
9. Be as organized as possible
10. No whining, moaning, or complaining at any time: complaints about homework will result in the work being doubled.
11. When a substitute teacher is present, all class rules still apply
12. Follow the specific classroom policies and procedures
13. You may bring a bottle of water to class; you may not leave for a drink of water during class
14. Know other adults’ names and greet them in hall by name
15. Keep yourself and the bathroom clean
16. Do not stare at a student who is being reprimanded
17. Only the person called on will be allowed to answer the question
18. Be responsible for your trash
19. When meeting new people, shake hands and repeat their names
20. When offered food, take only your fair share.
21. During an assembly, do not speak or call out to friends
22. After an event, shake the hands of every chaperone/sponsor
23. If you begin a sentence with, “well” or “um”, you will lose your chance to speak
24. Do not bring or eat anything with a peach like smell when you are around Mrs. Cook
25. If anyone is bullying you, let me know
26. Stay focused when someone leaves or exits the room
27. Stand up for what you believe in
28. Live so that you will never have regrets
29. Learn from your mistakes and move on
30. No matter the circumstances, always be honest
31. Carpe Diem
32. Be the best person you can be
33. Never say, “I don’t know” or “I can’t”
34. Keep an open mind
35. Pay attention to your voice level
36. Follow directions the first time given, so make sure you know what they are
37. Ask questions only after you have tried to find the solution
38. Think before you speak
39. Believe in yourself
40. Expect success only if you have worked hard to Earn success

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